"I am confused
by life,
and I feel safe within
the confines of the theatre."
Helen Hayes
It is the purpose of The Greenroom as a formal publication to distribute pertinent and germane information related, directly and indirectly, to live theatre and performance in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties, as well as contiguous fringes. The Greenroom is one easy to access central location designed for the promotion of theatres in general and theatre arts in particular.  To facilitate, include The Greenroom on your menu of favorites.
On this website the browser will find Reviews, Previews and Commentary on the art of theatre as well as performance.  Individual theatres and venues are not sponsors of this publication.  Integrity demands Reviews and Commentary to contain intelligent and educated criticism.  “The time for criticism is always now, because the imperative to think clearly, to insist on the necessary balance of reason and passion, never goes away.” 
A. O. Scott

Latest Reviews

J. A. Di Bello’s Review of Christmastown: A Holiday Noir

December 13, 2019

Denizen Theatre

New Paltz

Who’s Naughty and Nice

     A cause for celebration is the one-year anniversary of the Denizen Theatre in New Paltz, and to that end is its gripping staging of Christmastown: A Holiday Noir. To present a seasonal narrative, whether it be a Nativity, Saint Nicholas or a holiday-time fantasy is pretty common fare. However, to add serious spirits (pun intended) to an ordinary, that-time-of-the-year yarn, requires a conspiracy of creative imaginations and forceful determination. The theatrical team at the DENIZEN has demonstrated the necessary attributes and is presenting a hilarious parody, appropriate for the whole family.

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J. A. Di Bello’s Review of It’s a Wonderful Life

Shadowland Stages

December 8, 2019


“Ding” – Hear the sound of a bell ?

     The word is rapidly spreading up and down Canal Street, over the Gunks and through the hollows. Those in this prestigious tri-county area know Brendan Burke, AD and Director at Shadowland Stages, Ellenville is responsible: Clarence has been sighted cavorting about the Village.  

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J. A. Di Bello’s Review of 12 Angry Men

Cornerstone Theatre Arts

Goshen Music Hall

November 10, 2019

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


     Tempers and emotions were simmering in the Goshen Music Hall on Sunday afternoon, as B. J. Boothe directed the Cornerstone Theatre Arts’ ensemble in a tense and absorbing presentation of 12 Angry Men. The play by Reginald Rose initially presented as a television drama in the mid-fifties was later adapted for the stage. Those familiar with the diminutive stage at the Goshen Music Hall know its intimacy and limitations, or as some are wont to say, its advantages.

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Keith Dougherty’s Review of God’s Favorite

November 3, 2019

Creative Theatre

Muddy Water Players

The Playhouse at Museum Village

     For those of you familiar with the Biblical Book of Job, Neil Simon has taken its premise and turned it into a 70’s family comedy, complete with cursing, drinking, sexual suggestions, and references to Robert Redford and The Exorcist. Sound like a full enough evening? It was.

Produced on Broadway in 1974 at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, God’s Favorite is not what you would typically expect from Neil Simon, but director Al Snider has assembled a talented cast that delivers the goods. Snider’s attention to detail is obvious and carried over to the beautiful set he co-designed with Bob Curtis. We are treated to the well-crafted living room as soon as we walk into the theatre and it is warm, rich and inviting without a hint of the oncoming peril.

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