"I am confused
by life,
and I feel safe within
the confines of the theatre."
Helen Hayes
It is the purpose of The Greenroom as a formal publication to distribute pertinent and germane information related, directly and indirectly, to live theatre and performance in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties, as well as contiguous fringes. The Greenroom is one easy to access central location designed for the promotion of theatres in general and theatre arts in particular.  To facilitate, include The Greenroom on your menu of favorites.
On this website the browser will find Reviews, Previews and Commentary on the art of theatre as well as performance.  Individual theatres and venues are not sponsors of this publication.  Integrity demands Reviews and Commentary to contain intelligent and educated criticism.  “The time for criticism is always now, because the imperative to think clearly, to insist on the necessary balance of reason and passion, never goes away.” 
A. O. Scott

Latest Reviews

Brittany Pierce-Caiazza’s Review of The Drowsy Chaperone

May 4, 2019

The Falls Theatre

Wappingers Falls

The Drowsy Chaperone is a light-hearted love letter to musical theatre, and a surefire delight whenever it is performed. This particular production stumbled a bit to find its stride, but in the moments where it shined, it was a hit.

The Drowsy Chaperone begs the question - what if our favorite cast album could come to life right in front of us? What if we could be a part of that action?

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Robert H. Score’s Review of Getting Away with Murder

May 4, 2019

Muddy Waters Players

Playhouse at Museum Village.

     The always creative Muddy Waters Players have devised a new twist. They are performing a Stephen Sondheim play that is not a musical. Co-authored by George Furth, this piece of theatre is described by the Playhouse’s promotional material as “more fun than a room full of Agatha Christies.”

And what better way to begin a good ol’ whodunit comedy thriller than with a dark and stormy night? That’s it! This production gets off to a booming start at thein the middle of a helter-skelter, booming Manhattan thunderstorm.

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J. A. Di Bello’s Review of Profits for Prophet

May 3, 2019

Side of the Road Theatre Company

Waterwheel Café

Milford, PA

     The distinguished restaurant/bar, the Waterwheel Café, is conveniently located in historic Milford, PA. If one were fortunate enough to enjoy its comforts this past Friday evening, an unusual and historic event was in full swing. In this fine eatery’s cozy bar, there’s a petite and intimate stage, where John Klemeyer’s new comedy Profits for Prophets was brought to life by the Side of the Road Theatre Company. Using historic allusion and hilarious detail, John Klemeyer’s drama sheds light on the various machinations, schemes employed by a dubious literary agent to compile and distribute a book. But mind, this book will become the world’s bestselling book!

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J. A. Di Bello’s Review of Carmen

April 14, 2019

The First Presbyterian Church


      A patron in the proximity of the historic Village of Monroe, may easily encounter mountainous terrain, historic trails and even hidden passes. And, if that visitor included The First Presbyterian Church of Monroe on Stage Road he may also be confronted by Gypsies, smugglers and, are you ready?... cigarette girls of dubious reputation.

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