Robert H. Score’s Review of Getting Away with Murder

May 4, 2019

Muddy Waters Players

Playhouse at Museum Village.

     The always creative Muddy Waters Players have devised a new twist. They are performing a Stephen Sondheim play that is not a musical. Co-authored by George Furth, this piece of theatre is described by the Playhouse’s promotional material as “more fun than a room full of Agatha Christies.”

And what better way to begin a good ol’ whodunit comedy thriller than with a dark and stormy night? That’s it! This production gets off to a booming start at thein the middle of a helter-skelter, booming Manhattan thunderstorm.

Seven well heeled, well flawed patients show up for group therapy at the penthouse apartment of one Doctor Conrad Bering.

Holding true to the tried and true genre, Dr. Bering is found dead, and quite obviously murdered. One of the seven is guilty of this dastardly deed, but not one of these seven fancy socialites wishes to be involved in a messy, socially revealing public investigation. So, they agree to find out who the murderer is on their own.

Through a raucous series of twists and turns and one particularly blatant red herring, the audience learns the identity of the guilty one by the end of Act I! Believe it! This is what’s so much fun. It takes nearly the entire Act II for the seven to discover who it is...and for everyone to find out if that someone will be getting away with murder.

Neatly woven within all the suspected villains, false clues, and unsuspected revelations of a fast moving whodunnit is a morality play, cleverly evoking the eternal seven deadly sins and even the existence of deadly sin #8.

Once again, the Muddy Waters Players have chosen and performed a fun and rowdy production that keeps the audience entertained and engaged from its booming beginning until its literally explosive ending.

Directed by Creative Theatre's Steve Davis, this production has a strong and lively ensemble cast. It consists of veteran actors J. R. Carter, Tom Denny, Lisa DiBlasi, Regina Furphy, Thom Gomez, Joseph Jervais, Christina Polichetti, Michael Sosler, and Jon Stein along with newcomers to The Playhouse stage, Paula Donovan and Tristan Burke.

Getting away with Murder will continue its run at the Museum Village in Monroe, through May 19th on Friday and Saturday nights. Plays are on Friday and Saturday nights with a single Sunday performance at 3:00 on Sunday May 19th. For reservations at or purchase tickets by phone at 845-294-9465.

Oh, just one more thing. Apple Pie à la Mode is served during intermission!

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