Brittany Pierce-Caiazza’s Review of Into the Woods

August 9, 2019

Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop

The Rivoli

South Fallsburg

     Into the Woods is one of Stephen Sondheim’s most beloved musicals. It intertwines the stories of some of our most memorable childhood fairy tale characters, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood for example, and turns them on their heads, creating a new fairy tale in its own right. The music is memorable, the book is quite witty, and the characters have tons of heart.

Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop’s production of this iconic musical allowed for some of the minor characters to shine, primarily Jack’s Mother and the Princes, Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince as they are named in the dramatis personae. As Jack’s Mother, Alexa Marie Fini is astonishing, and, sadly, very underused. Her voice is incredible and she has a commanding stage presence. I just wish we got to see more of her. As the Princes, Ethan Perkoski and Braeden Ross, are delightful. They were synchronized, comedic and had just the right blend of being, dare I say, charming, and slightly egotistical. The cast as a whole put forth great effort, with the chemistry between players coming through, especially Lourdesa Hunt and Kristopher Rosengrant as the Baker’s Wife and the Baker. And a special kudos to Ms. Hunt for covering an increasingly awkward moment in such a way that had me, literally, crying with laughter.

Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop’s production of Into the Woods at the Rivoli Theatre in South Fallsburg continues its run this weekend, July 16th-18th. For more information and tickets, visit

or call 845-436-5336.


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